Solutions that work for you

Welcome to ElectionIQ. Make the SMART choice.

ElectionIQ is today's smart choice for election services. We combine a unique approach with decades of industry experience in both the public and private experience.

A Unique Approach.

A wise man once said the best way to achieve success for oneself, is to purse success for others. That’s one of our guiding philosophies at ElectionIQ. First and foremost we are here to help YOU succeed.

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While so many are stuck in the past, ElectionIQ continually looks forward to what’s next. We work hard to come up with innovative solutions for both today and tomorrow.

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Making your life easier

At ElectionIQ, we understand your daily routine. With former county election employees as part of our staff, we have a unique, 360 degree view of the industry. We also understand that our job is to make your job easier. So that is exactly what we aim to do. We work tirelessly to bring you solutions to make your life easier and make you look good.

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“Election Day can be stressful enough, having ElectionIQ on board can make the day much more uneventful.”

Ronn Kuzmovich, Former Election Director, Clarion County, PA

“Give them a try… you won’t be sorry… ”

Lisa Zuck, Elections Director, Warren County, PA