Ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Do you feel like you are drowning at work?
  2. Can you never get on top of all that needs done?
  3. Does your Secretary of State/Department of State/State Election Director/Lt Gov Office keep piling more and more requirements on you?
  4. Do you wish your office could be more efficient?
  5. Do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology?

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these we have a solution for you. Our collection of software modules can supercharge your elections. Whether it’s saving time on paperwork processing or recruiting & scheduling poll workers. We will help you optimize your office and save you time and aggravation. Keep scrolling for more info.

Election Day Troubleshooting

ElectionResponse is a powerful tool allowing election officials to keep track of all issues on Election Day. More than that it gives you a central command post-style system that can:

  • reduce phone calls to office by up to 75%
  • log issues
  • track the issues through resolution
  • dispatch troubleshooters/rovers
  • provide information to rover regarding location
  • track rover (via GPS)
  • allow rovers to mark and resolve issues
  • provide detailed data for review after Election Day to allow for better training/supplies/documentation
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Election Night Reporting

LiveResults gives you a easy-to-use results reporting tool without having to build a dedicated site or get an IT person to constantly upload results all night long. Loading new results is as easy as:

  1. select file
  2. preview file
  3. click Publish

You can also customize which information viewers see from precinct level information up to countywide.

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See it Live – Orange County, CA
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Campaign Finance

Let’s be honest…paperwork stinks! Public records act requests are annoying. And candidates who can’t ever seem to file things on time just make life difficult. At the end of the day…you don’t need any of that. Good news….we’ve got a solution. Our Campaign Finance software will revolutionize your office. Your employees might even put up a statue of you.

Our software:

  • allows candidates to file online
  • allows public to view public filings online
  • tracks filings
  • provide reports on who has and hasn’t filed, and who missed a deadline altogether
  • emails candidates reminding them of upcoming deadlines
  • creates letter files to mail to remind candidates of upcoming deadline
  • provides running record of all communications with candidates to ensure you have records of what they filed (or didn’t ) and what your staff told them (or didn’t)

Let us show you just how easy it can be.

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Poll Worker Management

Poll workers come and poll workers go. Keeping track of them, their training schedule, special requests, equipment pickup times, and more is time consuming. eForce, our pollworker module enables you to manage poll workers while also allowing them to see their information as well. This reduces call to the office to find simple information (“what class am i signed up for?” “can i get another copy of the manual?”) With eForce you can:

  • schedule training classes
  • record poll worker details
  • pay poll workers
  • put documents in an online library for them
  • recruit new workers
  • and more…
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Precinct and Location Management (PAL)

PAL allows election administrators to have all the information regarding polling locations in one place. Contact info, availability, hours of operation, documents (leases, rental agreements, etc), pictures, site surveys and more can all be stored in an easy to use app. Never hunt through binders, excel documents, online photos, or Google Maps again.

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Asset and Inventory Management

AIM empowers your team to track all your inventory and assets. Know what is dispatched and allocated where. Get as granular as you like, even know which BMD or tabulator serial number is assigned where. Mark units as ” Need Repaired” so you know they aren’t in circulation. Link your AIMS information with PAL (Precincts and Locations) to maximize your efficiency and capabilities.

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Project Management

Running elections means lots of deadlines and lots of tasks that need to get done on time. Keep track of these with our project management app for elections, Election ToDo. Assign tasks and deadlines to your staff. Allow everyone to know exactly what stage everything is at, even if the party responsible isn’t in that day.

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Absentee Ballot Tracking and Voter Communication

We have worked with i3Logix of Denver, CO to bring you Ballottrax. Empower your voters to track their own absentee ballot. More importantly, by allowing them access and insight into the process you’ll greatly reduce the “where’s my ballot” phone calls. Infinitely customizable, Ballottrax is a powerhouse tool that does so much more than just track ballots.

  • allow voters to track their ballot from application processing to acceptance (or rejection) of their returned ballot
  • gain valuable data into who your voters are, how they act, what they want to know
  • have statistics at your finger tips to educate and respond to county officials, your boss, even the press
  • communicate with voters to alert them to important information (USPS delays, issues with mailings, etc)
  • customize messages and wording to send just the right message to your voters

Ballottrax is compatible with just about every voter registration system and can be set up in as little as 1 day in some cases. We work with you to make sure it’s configured just how you like it.

Best of all? It’s easy on your budget. In fact, you will probably save money by not needing so many folks answering the phone.

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