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Most printers in elections are commercial printers who happen to do ballots. ElectionIQ ONLY does election work. Our sole focus is on YOU.

Experience & Capabilities

The ElectionIQ team has decades of experience producing ballots of all sizes. Color and black/white. From Utah to Ohio and Pennsylvania to Florida. ES&S, Hart, Dominion, Unisyn, Clear Ballot, and Diebold. Color bars. Election Day, provisional, emergency, sample, test deck. Stapled, stitched, glued, loose, shrinkwrapped, cover-pages, chipboard, no chipboard, stubs, no stubs, variable data, barcodes, numbered, plain, multiple pages…Been there. Done all of that. Need to order 68,000 additional provisionals the Monday before the 2020 Presidential Election? Good…because we’ve done that too.


From start-to-finish we offer a transparent process. Each step of your project will be logged in our project management system. Each client has access to check the status of a project at their convenience. This ensures you are always up-to-date on where your ballots are. Quantities, QC processes, files, and artwork sign-offs are all at your fingertips.


Our production team adheres to strict quality standards that meet or exceed vendor requirements. Each press is calibrated before every job. On longer runs the presses are calibrated periodically throughout the print process to ensure consistency. Ballots are randomly pulled and checked using overlays, go/no go gauges, light tables with a loupe, and more. All staff are empowered to stop a job at any time should they feel quality is not up to expectations.

About Us

ElectionIQ is your local, election-focused print shop. Our aim is to make your life easier, and let you focus on more pressing matters. We have partnered with the world leaders in print quality and technology to bring you the perfect balance of speed, quality, and capacity. Our processes have been built to ensure every ballot is:
• pre-pressed (variable data/stubs)
• printed
• padded
• stitched
• packaged
• shipped

just how you expect them to be. Additionally we have a robust logistics network that will get your order to you quickly and securely.

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Individual Services and Capabilities

Ballots Vote-By-Mail Envelopes Poll Books
Test Decks Poll Worker Manuals Letters Applications
Forms Notices Signage Decals/Sticker
Graphic Design Postings

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