Our Services

Election Management Services

Our staff has extensive experience in multiple voting systems and can usher you from beginning to end in the election process. In addition our team has real world experience working as election officials an dealing with the same day-to-day issues you deal with.

Maintenance & Testing

Keeping your equipment in top working order is a top priority for any election official. With many jurisdictions being told to do more with less, buying a new voting system might not be a possibility. So let ElectionIQ keep your current system running in top shape for years to come.

Vote-by-Mail Management

Vote-by-Mail is an ever increasing trend in the world of voting. Proven to increase turnout, reduce costs for the administration, and reduce stress on election administrators Vote-by-Mail is the future of elections.


The best way to prevent problems in the voting process is to make sure election officials and poll workers are well trained and prepared for the various challenges elections can through at them. At ElectionIQ we have trainers certified in top training methods. By employing a deep understanding of adult learning theory, psychology, and personality types our training staff can provide you with a custom designed program for you and your staff. In person, WebEx, or self-paced online learning…ElectionIQ is your election training headquarters.

Additional Services

Ballot Printing

Ballot printing isn’t as easy as it seems. Our printer has decades of experiences and prints over 5 million pieces of election material every year.

Polling Place Accessibility Consulting

Polling place accessibility is essential to providing all voters of all ability and mobility levels equal access to voting. We can help identify potential ADA issues as well as cost-effective solutions.

Process Consulting

ElectionIQ staff have participated in elections all over the Unites States. This experience allows us to help counties develop best practices based on some of the most effective processes used around the country.


Need ballot text translated? Need translated audio recorded? Use our experts who will not only check accuracy from a literal sense, but also ensure the proper meaning is properly conveyed as well.

“Give them a try… you won’t be sorry… ”

Lisa Zuck, Elections Director, Warren County, PA

“Election Day can be stressful enough, having ElectionIQ on board can make the day much more uneventful.”

Ronn Kuzmovich, Former Election Director, Clarion County, PA