Safety Bollards-Stainless


Safety Bollards -Stainless Steel



The last thing you want to happen to your brand new drop box is for someone to hit it with their car, truck, van, semi-truck, or construction vehicle. So what do you do? You install a set of our safety bollards. Available in high-visibility yellow or stainless steel (type 304), these bollards can be installed on concrete or in the ground.

Includes concrete installation kit.


Diameter – 4.5″

Height – 42″

Additional information


Corrosion resistant stainless steel safety guards are ideal for outdoor applications. Made using Type 304 stainless steel with a polished surface finish. Safety bollard protects doorways and corners. Bollards include a welded stainless steel top cap and are 4-1/2" diameter. Base plates on all models measure 8" x 8".




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