[vc_row uxb_theme_class=””][vc_column uxb_theme_class=””][vc_column_text]Integrity of your election data is crucial. As such it is imperative that you make sure you have backed up your critical files properly. IT professionals will tell you that best practices state you should have an on-site backup on media (such as CD, DVD, thumbdrive, etc), on-site server backup, and off-site backup.

We have worked with an industry-leading IT firm to bring you VoteVault. From your desktop, we allow you to backup your data to two different data centers. Each center has been scientifically chosen for it’s geographic location to minimize impact from weather, humans, nature, and more.

Additionally, our solution employs exploit protection engine technology. This is the newest intrusion-detection methods on the market. While current technology looks for files, code, etc with a similar signature to other ‘malicious code,’ exploit protection engine work differently.  Most hackers use “good” or “known” code to hide their attacks. Our systems watch for actors who are questionable, and track how they operate, where they enter the system, and where they came from. Then, should any bad actions be taken, the system identifies it, rolls back and actions made by that bad actor and alerts us. We then alert you and your team.

The best new, your data remains secure as any changes are automatically rolled back.


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