Fortress 1000


Indoor/Outdoor Steel Ballot Drop Box


The Fortress® 1000, constructed from hardened steel is built to withstand any climate. It securely allows voters to deposit ballots, in a small footprint, weather-resistant, and secure receptacle. Based on the popular Fortress 800 ballot box, PakFlatt has delivered an economical solution to those needing an outdoor collection point for ballots.
The steel frame, along with weather gaskets, and multiple lock points, ensures your ballots stay dry and secure until you can collect them. The Fortress 1000, is light enough to be handled by a single worker, yet strong enough to endure Mother Nature or any bad actor. Attach the unit to a light pole, railing, tree, bike rail, door handle, wall bolt, or many other items with double high-tensile strength locking chains and locks.
Accommodating several hundred ballots, and prices more economically than its peers the Fortress 1000 will give you years of service. Join the thousands of jurisdiction world-wide that employ the Fortress 1000 and order yours today.

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Multiple locking points with different locks
One-way drop slot
Available security transfer bag
High-tensile locks and chains
Solid Steel construction


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