VoteVault 710


Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Ballot DropBox for all climates.


Our stainless steel ballot drop box offers
a secure and convenient drop off location.
Customize the box with your county name for
easy identification. This box can hold 500+ ballots
and comes with a collection container inside the
cabinet for easy collection. Casters can be added
as an option.

Additional information




Double Locking Access Door
Registered, Double Bitted Keys
Restricted Chute Opening
Internal Anchors
False Ledges
Anti-Pry Access Door
Anti-Phishing /Tampering Technology
Sloped Entry
Tamper Resistant Chute


ADA Title II and Title III compliant
Compliant with California Vote-By-Mail Ballot Drop Regulation 20132
Matte vinyl signage customized to your requirements (California requirement)

Capacity (Approximate)

1,642 Ballots


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