Fortress 800


Lightweight, Secure Ballot Drop Box.


The Fortress® has an injection molded base, top and mid mold set, produced in high-quality engineering plastics which are intended for multiple uses. The product has an internal footprint of 15″ x 15″ and can be any height or range of heights up to 40″. The lift-off door is 15″ wide x 12″ high.
Four extruded aluminum corner posts combine with extremely sturdy walls that are manufactured from a co-extruded PVC rigid foam sheet, made from high-quality white cover layers and a black recyclable core.
The Fortress® is designed to be fastened to any static structure such as a fence or lighting pole by the use of two extremely strong laminated Padlock and steel cable sets.
This product, as the name suggests, is built to withstand extremely difficult working environments and robust handling. The lift-off door at the rear of the Fortress® is secured by alphanumeric tamper ­evident seals, which provides full traceability and control over all envelope removal events.

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